I am a full-stack software engineer who works with modern web technologies to make innovative web applications.

I believe software is art, software can change the world, and great software is worth making.

History and experience

Today I design, build, and maintain complex systems. I began developing software, however, as a student in college for the newly released iPhone SDK. I am a self-taught software developer. Before learning to program I climbed on computers as a kid. My earliest memories include my dad teaching me BASIC–nothing complex, just a BEEP and a few GOTO’s.

My first projects were simple iPhone Apps in college. They stored data locally and this lead me to think: How can they communicate? This question would later lead me into learning to program PHP and build LAMP-stack webapps. Following graduation, I became Director of Technology for a financial company in Tallahassee, FL.

Not favoring the IT admin side of technology I left to co-found a startup: Opphub. As the technical co-founder I was responsible for building and shipping our offering–which was a searchable database of opportunities for students.

I left Opphub and took a position as Application Developer at Auto Data Direct. Here I learned jQuery UI widgets, Java, and Tomcat. After a year of learning the stack I was promoted to Technical Team Lead of the TOW123 product and made Senior Software Engineer. As lead I was responsible for sprint planning, PRs, technical planning, and feature implementation.

One major push we made on the TOW123 team was a new mobile application. This new mobile App was quickly developed using the agile approach to software development shipping a minimum viable product quickly and new features on a regular basis. TOW123 was pulled from the market in the summer of 2017 and I moved into an internal modernization project.

In January 2019 I left Auto Data Direct and joined Kikoda as a Senior Software Developer. I am currently working as technical lead on projects responsible for application and system architecture.

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Learning–I am always seeking out new opportunities to learn.

Creating cool things–the more exciting the better!


Currently I am excited about DevOps (being a developer and running the software I work to create). Specifically new technologies like:

In addition to DevOps I enjoy learning new programming languages: