I built and maintained mobile and web applications as a product technical team lead. Working with a variety of web technologies we made some great software.

I started working at Auto Data Direct as an Application Developer on their TOW123 product. We maintained large scale webapps built in jQuery UI. I learned and used Java for the first time at Auto Data Direct.

As I became more familiar with Auto Data Direct’s tech stack I was promoted to Senior Software Developer and made Technical Team Lead of the TOW123 product. I oversaw, managed, and planned a new mobile App offering. Shipping a minimum viable product quickly and new features on a regular basis. This product was pulled from the market in the summer of 2017 and I moved into an internal modernization project.

I begun doing DevOps for a variety of products and helped assist with a planned cloud migration. This included containerizing all our deployables. Ultimately one project had a complete CI/CD pipeline based off git branches and merges.

Titles: Application Developer, Senior Software Developer

Tenure: 2015-2019

Worked with technologies: